Oakland Jazz Choir

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Marissa Matthews


Marissa’s family knew she loved music when at age 6 she was so happy to receive her first (purple) tape player that she hugged it close and danced with it around the house. She has been singing ever since!

From choirs of all kinds throughout high school and college (including the SF Symphony Chorus), solo performances here and there (some dinner theater in the Bay and a few arias with a full orchestra in Japan), to playing ukulele and singing with her two-year-old students at a Montessori school, music continues to be a great source of joy.

Marissa is classically trained and once thought she would like to be an opera singer. She has since realized she is much happier performing with OJC where she can dance, wiggle, and emote in the company of her fun-loving choir family. They’ve been supportive through two babies and a long-term illness, and she is delighted to be back in their ranks once more. The OJC husbands are still there to babysit Marissa’s kids during concerts, and nobody seems to mind when she cracks jokes in rehearsal or when her internal music nerd requests clarification on a cutoff.