Get Rid Of Your Old Stuff – WE PICK UP!
Garage Sale donations are being sought for the 15th Oakland Jazz Choir benefit yard sale! We can relieve you of your clutter and sell it to someone else who will love it, and in the process make a few bucks to cover our organizational costs.
Can you help? We pick up and all donations are tax deductible (Tax ID #20-3429158)
Contact us at to arrange a pickup!
Put the sale on your calendar and be sure not to miss it!
Saturday August 20, 2016  9am-5pm (no earlybirds) — 2014 Cedar St., Berkeley
Items We Accept
·         Furniture in good condition (see unacceptable below)
·         Dishware, glassware, ceramics, & Tupperware in good condition
·         Pots, pans, bakeware, & utensils
·         Power tools in working condition
·        Books for all ages & board games in good condition
·         Craft items both new & leftover (e.g. knitting stuff, quilt material, etc.)
·         Garden & Gardening Equipment, house plants
·         Adult, Teen or Children’s CDs, DVDs, and video games
·         Vintage vinyl records in good condition
·         Pet stuff in decent condition
·         Camping & outdoor equipment
·         Sports & Recreational equipment, including bikes & biking equipment
·         Children and Baby toys, & furniture in good condition
·         Jewelry of any kind
·         Holiday decorations in good condition
·         Used BBQs/Hibachis in good condition
·         Small appliances & newer electronics in working condition
Items We Don’t Accept
·         No particle board furniture, entertainment armoires/centers, bed frames, mattresses, sofa beds
·         No clothes of any kind
·         No computer hardware or software
·         No textbooks
·         No old telephone equipment
·         No travel souvenir knickknacks
·         No old skis
·         No old suitcases
·         No old televisions
·         No exercise equipment (exercise bikes, Nordic tracks, etc.)
·         No old stereo equipment (pre-2007)
·         No VHS or cassette tapes