"Got their smiles on, their finger snaps, their eloquence and their abilities to take vocal scat to a soar. . . They took their listeners on a big night jam session where rich and textured and, quiet and rolling harmonies met such savory hit makers as Miles Davis, Chick Corea, Billie Holiday, Dizzy Gillepsie and Pat Metheny. . . their vocal strolls inside of Freddie Hubbard's Red Clay just busted the beams with grooves."
Jean Bartlett of Jeansmagazine

"The Oakland Jazz Choir is a class act...13 superb voices with a crackerjack rhythm and a hot pianist who can really swing. Their repertoire spans many styles with straight-ahead jazz fans and those who may not be fans of jazz saying: 'Thumbs up!"
Jim Ocean of Creative Musical Alternatives (

"The choir -- a testament to the diversity and strength of Oakland-- is a multicultural, multi-talented group of people who lend their time, energy and skill to produce some of the sweetest harmonies around."
Sylvia Chan of the San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Lucky for us there's not a law against so many people on stage having so much fun; the whole choir was bopping in time to the music, beaming with smiles bright enough to illuminate the entire room. This is one happy choir."
Wayne Saroyan of the West County Times

"How about some jazz to lift your spirits? If you're feeling just a bit down, music by the Oakland Jazz Choir ought to get you up and going again."
Christina Eng of The Oakland Tribune

"In a city full of delightfully different cultural traditions, the Oakland Jazz Choir stands out as a local treasure."
Dave Becker of The Oakland Tribune

"The results were magnificent as the group sang, romped, ooed, oohed, ahhed, percussed and generally got down!"
Charles Levin, Montclarion

"The Oakland Jazz Choir has racked up some impressive tributes and have sold out every one of their concerts so far. They are, without a doubt, one of the most popular groups at public festivals around the Bay Area."
New Orleans By the Bay

"You really have fashioned quite an instrument there. It sounds really tremendous."
Doug Edwards, KPFA Radio

"In addition to song, you provided the musical dimension of community sharing that resonated throughout the event the heightened awareness of the importance of music to the soul, which is the true meaning of what we are really about. Thank you for elevating our spirits."
Mimi Farina, Founder & Executive Director, Bread and Roses

"The group's raw energy and infectious enthusiasm helped make these events very special. Thanks again and we can't wait for the next opportunity to hire the OJC.
Rowan Soloman, Wilson West WEBMASTER - Bryan Shaner